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Centerpointe Holosync Review

Hey folks,

I have written a comprehensive new review of Centerpointe Holosync over there click on the link to get it.

Hope you enjoy.


Carl Jung: A Dangerous Method.

“Anyone who takes the sure road is as good as dead”
-Carl Jung

Black or white? Hot or cold? Nature or nurture? The Beatles or The Stones? Intellect or intuition? Freud or Jung…hm, well in this case I’m going to nail my colours firmly to the Jungian mast! For no other reason than what his life represents to me, a constant state growth and understanding guided by nothing more than your own inner compass in opposed to Freud’s very concrete, linear and downright stubborn doctrine.

Jung, to the best of my knowledge, coined the term “synchronicity“. This term, which is commonly used and even more commonly experienced these days would have been a really bold concept back in Jung’s time. He lived in an age where the paranormal or non rational was frowned upon. If your theories or ideas verged off the beaten track of the strictly intellectual status quo in any way you were shunned. But Jung could not deny the synchronicities he was experiencing and so continued to try and understand them.

The contrast between the two men and their philosophies is quite brilliantly illustrated in David Cronenberg’s “A Dangerous Method”.

The Law of Attraction.

Now, although I don’t agree fully with all of what Abraham(a collection of consciousnesses channeled by Esther Hicks) says or the mechanics behind how The Law of Attraction works, the simple fact of the matter is that their teachings have dramatically improved my life and the levels of happiness and fulfillment that I feel.

The main principle behind their teachings is that you and you alone are responsible for all of the joy happiness that comes into your life. But on the other hand are also responsible for all of the sadness and fear you feel as well. Its all determined by what you’re offering to and asking from the universe through your emotional state and thought process. If you’re feeling and thinking abundance your life will reflect that, if you’re feeling lack or scarcity then your life will also reflect that. The universe is non-biased in that regard.

Ain’t that a novel idea, whatever you put into life you get back from it and its all just a case of being conscious and aware of what it is you’re asking for.

Alan Watts: This Is It!

Alan Watts

Alan Watts

“I have realized that the past and future are real illusions, that they exist in the present, which is what there is and all there is”
-Alan Watts

If this is you’re first encounter with Alan Watts, I implore you to sit back, relax and let this oratorical wizard cast his esoteric spells over your consciousness.

His words are carried in the vessel of smooth and lilting tones whose sails are filled by the gales of a keenly sharpened intellect to then sail into the harbor of your mind and resonate with the part of your being that just knows. This seems to me to be how all of the great philosophers and teachers deliver their message, never in a patronising or belittling way, always pointing you inward to find the answers.

He draws from all aspects of life in a holistic fashion, nondenominationally takes the most appropriate parts of histories ideologies, religions and philosophies to help further his own individual understanding. Never preaches or tries to convert anyone, for in the end, it is only you, the individual who can change and grow you. But through that growth you can, like Mr. Watts so brilliantly does, inspire others to do the same.

OSHO- Spiritually Incorrect – Strange Consequences

Another classic by OSHO.

I’ll let you decide for yourself ;o)